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Prices & Services

Please call for commercial vehicle services.

The season has changed and it’s now time to swap your tires.

Loose Tires

If we need to dismount your current tires and then install your on-season tires.

Mounted Tires (bolt on)

If your on-season tires are mounted and installed onto another set of wheels.

Wheel & Tire Storage

Tire Recycling 

Roadside flat tire repair done right. We come to you and plug & patch your tire on-site (guaranteed to hold air for the life of your tire).


If your tire isn’t repairable, we’ll install, balance, and inflate a new/used tire so you don’t have to drive to a tire shop.


New & Used tires available for purchase












Mobile Tire Change (Install & Balance)

4 Tires

3 Tires

2 Tires

1 Tire

Regular Tires (most common)

Directional Tires

The tire shop comes to you. We install, balance and inflate your tires at your home or place of work. We offer a $50 discount when you purchase a set of 4 new tires from us.

By rotating your tires, you can ensure even wear, improve handling, and prolong the life of your tires.

If your tires have either an inside/outside direction or rotational arrow. These are typically higher-end performance tires.

If you have regular tires, this pertains to you. The vast majority of all tires fall under this category.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FlatOut Fix (mobile flat repair). We come to you and get you back on the road in no time. We repair your tire from the inside out using a combo plug & patch repair kit that can only be applied by removing the tire. We guarantee our flat tire repair will hold air for the life of your tire. New and used tires are also available for purchase.


Disclaimer: The replacement tire may not be the same brand, tread pattern, size, or tread depth as your other three tires. On average our used tire have about 20,000 miles remaining worth of tread depth.

Seasonal Swap or Rotation. What is the difference between "loose tires" and "mounted tires"? If you require a tire rotation, your tires are considered as "mounted". If your off-season tires are mounted on a separate set of wheels, your tires are also considered "mounted". Otherwise, If your off-season tires are loose (not mounted onto a set of wheels), your tires are considered as "loose".

Tire and Wheel Storage. Having a separate set of summer and winter wheels/tires is a blessing during our intense Chicago winter. But not everyone has the space to store their second set. For a nominal monthly fee we will store your set at our temperature controlled facility. When its time to swap your tires, we will bring them with us to your appointment and we'll store your off-season set.

Tire Warranty. Our Tire Warranty covers accidental damage to your tires. That means for the first 6 months (or 1/32nd's of tread) of ownership, should your tire not be repairable, we will replace your tire at no cost to you however, mobile service and labor is not covered. If you would like to insure your tires for two additional years, we offer an extended tire warranty.

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