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Mobile Flat Tire Repair

Flat Tire Repair

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Skip the tow and have the tire shop come to you!

Chicago's #1 Mobile Tire Shop

Your Tire Fixed or Replaced Within Minutes!

Mobile Tire Repair at Home

Quickie Tire is a mobile tire shop that comes to you. ​With our convenient roadside service, our expert technicians can come directly to you to fix your flat tire wherever you are. This means you can avoid the hassle of arranging a tow and waiting at a tire shop.


Plus, with Quickie Tire, you'll experience prompt assistance, ensuring you're back on the road quickly and with minimal disruption to your day.

Why Choose a Mobile Tire Shop Instead of a Tow Truck?

Opting for a mobile flat tire repair service offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. With a technician coming directly to your location, you bypass the hassle of arranging a tow and waiting at a tire shop. This saves time and gets you back on the road quickly, all while providing transparent pricing and expert service.

What Services Does Quickie Tire Offer?

Our mobile tire services provide quick and efficient solutions for flat tire repairs, blowout replacements, and spare tire installations. With expert technicians available wherever you are, we ensure prompt assistance to get you back on the road without delays or towing hassles. Trust us for all your tire emergencies, ensuring peace of mind wherever your journey leads.

What Makes Quickie Tire the Best Option?

Quickie Tire stands out as a premier mobile tire shop, delivering exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and unparalleled convenience. With response times at least 60 minutes faster than traditional tow trucks, and costs slashed by half compared to towing to a local tire shop, we prioritize efficiency and affordability. Quickie Tire offers cost-effective solutions, priced at a fraction of a tow truck service, and completes the job in half the time.

What Causes Leaky Tires?

Leaky tires can be caused by various factors, including punctures from sharp objects, damage to the valve stem, wheel damage, tire bead issues, aging, and extreme temperatures. Proper maintenance and prompt repair can help prevent and address these issues effectively.​

7 Reasons Why You Have a Leaky Tire

  1. Puncture: Sharp objects like nails, screws, or glass can puncture the tire, causing air to escape.

  2. Valve stem damage: The valve stem, which allows air to be pumped into the tire, can become damaged or deteriorate over time, leading to air leaks.

  3. Wheel damage: Bent or damaged wheels can cause improper sealing between the tire and the wheel, resulting in air leakage.

  4. Tire bead damage: The bead is the edge of the tire that seals it to the wheel rim. Damage to this area can lead to air leaks.

  5. Aging or wear: Over time, tires can develop cracks or become worn, compromising their ability to hold air.

  6. Extreme temperatures: Extreme cold or heat can affect tire pressure and potentially cause leaks.

  7. Improper installation: Incorrect installation of the tire onto the wheel or improper sealing during tire mounting can lead to leaks.

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