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Quickie Perks Membership

Choose Your Perks

We offer three tiers of perks. Each tier offers a flat discount on any tire purchase and in addition, a percentage discount on services. Each membership is contract-free, billed annually and can be cancelled at anytime. You can sign up at any time, regardless if you have recently purchased tires elsewhere. Give us a call or text to sign up today.

Four Tire Discount

Service Discount

Mobile Tire Installation
($120 Value)

Mobile Tire Rotation
($100 Value)

Roadside Flat Tire Repair
($130 Value)

3 Year Tire Warranty
(1st Year Free)

Wheel Storage
($20/mo Value)

Yearly Membership


$10 Off
10% Off
($12 saved)
($10 saved)
($13 saved)
($2 saved)


$30 Off
30% Off
($36 saved)
($30 saved)
($39 saved)
($6 saved)


$50 Off
50% Off
($60 saved)
($50 saved)
($65 saved)
($10 saved)

Savings Calculator

Your Savings


Savings estimates are based on the average tire life expectancy of 4 years with regular tire rotations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Catch? The only "catch" or requirement of any Perk (or "Membership Tier") is semi-annual tire rotations. This is a requirement because regular tire rotations ensure your tire performs as intended. This means your tires will last longer and wear more evenly which prevents uneven tire wear, protects against blowouts and maximizes your ROI.

Terms. Each Perk (or "Membership Tier") is contract-free. You may cancel at any time however, we do not offer a refund. We will renew your Membership every year unless you cancel. How to cancel?

How To Cancel? Call or text our office number and request to cancel your account. We will put your account on hold while we wait for a written letter from you sent to our address (5864 N Northwest Hwy Chicago IL 60631). In this letter please state you wish to cancel your Membership immediately. We understand how inconvenient this is however, this is in place to prevent misuse of the Quickie Perks Membership. We thank you for understanding.

Can I Have Multiple Cars Under My Membership? Our Quickie Perks Membership is valid for one vehicle however, we do not limit how many vehicles you may register for a Membership.

Seasonal Tire Swap. I have a set of summer and winter tires, does it cost extra to have them swapped? There is no additional cost to swapping your tires. In fact, its the same as a tire rotation. We will also rotate your tires when we install your summer/winter set.

Tire and Wheel Storage. Having a separate set of summer and winter wheels/tires is a blessing during our intense Chicago winter. But not everyone has the space to store their second set. For a nominal monthly fee we will store your set at our temperature controlled facility. When its time to swap your tires, we will bring them with us to your appointment and we'll store your off-season set.

Tire Warranty. Our Tire Warranty covers accidental damage to your tires. That means for the first year (or 2/32nd's of tread) of ownership, should your tire not be repairable, we will replace your tire at no cost to you. If you would like to insure your tires for two additional years, we offer an extended tire warranty.

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